Our company

Our history is made of forest and wood

Founded in April 1968 by the De Zorzi brothers and their partners, Reflorestadores Unidos was a pioneer in introducing the species Taeda Pine to the region of Campos de Cima da Serra, in Rio Grande do Sul. Its plantings of over 10,000 hectares are distributed throughout the municipalities of Cambará do Sul, São Francisco de Paula, and Jaquirana. In addition to providing forest products directly to the consumer market, a large part of the harvest is intended for self-industrialization, in a fully vertically integrated process.

At Reflorestadores Unidos S.A., environmental responsibility is more than just a mandatory task. That is why our focus is on reforestation, in order to protect native trees and create an environmental legacy for future generations.

We are united

As part of our Environmental Policy, we reiterate both our commitment to being environmentally responsible and efforts to be a reference in our market.

With an area of permanent preservation of approximately 2,700 hectares, the environmental responsibility of Reflorestadores Unidos S.A. is an expression of its commitment to future generations.

In its productive activities and management of forest plantations, Reflorestadores Unidos S.A. seeks to achieve business sustainability, managing environmental issues responsibly.


To provide solutions made of wood sourced from renewable forests, offering unique products and services, meeting the expectations of customers, employees, community, and shareholders in an environmentally friendly way.

Vision statement

To be the best company in providing wood solutions in Brazil.


  • People: encouraging creativity and teamwork, with a customer-focused strategy;
  • Sustainability: following an environmentally responsible approach and shaping the future in an innovative and responsible way;
  • Credibility: heritage to be maintained and enhanced;
  • Profitability: essential for fulfilling the Mission.

Products for the industry

Mill Run, Kiln Dried Quality - Wood dried in computerized kilns, registered with the Ministry of Agriculture.

Line of sawn wood which is known for its high-quality standard in various countries. Reflorestadores Unidos supplies sawn wood with uniform sizes and a secure provision for various applications.

  • HT and KD certification available
  • Species: Taeda Pine
  • Moisture content: 12% (+-3%) KD
Sawn wood
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Components for pallets
ready-made kits and individual items
American standard
Unidos Woodtech

Products biomass/woodchip

  • Woodchips
  • Sawdust
  • Pine bark (energy generation or gardening)
  • Woodchips for energy generation, MDF, HDF and BP board industry.
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Products Forest

By planting forests for over 50 years, Reflorestadores Unidos S.A. has developed management techniques which allow them to provide high-quality Pine logs to the market ensuring customers satisfaction.

  • Pine logs

The Pine logs we produce are used to make furniture, sawn wood, laminated wood, (MDF, HDF, OSB) boards, cellulose and paper, pallets, fences, blanks, panels, frames, among others. To meet our customers’ needs, we have a wide variety of options, the length of the logs varies from 1.90 m to 5.40 m, and the diameter categories are subdivided as follows:

Minimum Maximum
8 cm 18 cm
18 cm 25 cm
25 cm 30 cm
30 cm 35 cm
35 cm 45 cm
> 45 cm

Our forests

Reflorestadores Unidos S.A. has Pinus Taeda as the most widely planted species in its forests, which is also one of the most commonly planted forest tree species in the south of Brazil due to climatic, topographic and edaphic factors.

In order to create forests of exceptional quality, the company has been investing in genetically improved seedlings from reliable tree breeding partners, which guarantees volume and excellent quality. State-of-the-art management techniques, associated with soil and weather conditions, allow us to achieve excellent forest growth indexes.

Not only has the quality of our forests been broadly recognized in Brazil but also in several countries where we operate. They supply our customers with raw materials in various sectors of the forestry industry.

The sustainability of the business guides our forest management plan, ensuring security and reliability for our customers. Logs from our forests comply with FSC® Controlled Wood requirements.

In order to ensure a constant supply of logs ready for shipment, which sets us apart in the market, we permanently stock a wide variety of options. Our storage yard is located on the margins of ERS 020, a few kilometers from ERST 453, a road connected to BR 101 and BR 116, making it easier for our customers to get there and collect their products.