We are Unidos

Founded in 1968, Unidos was the pioneer introducing the Taeda Pine species on the region called Campos de Cima da Serra (Upper Hills) in Rio Grande Do Sul. Its crops are distributed between Cambará do Sul and São Francisco de Paula cities, with more than 10.000 hectare planted. Besides supplying forestry products directly to the consumers, a big part of the harvest is destined to the manufacturing of this wood. For Reflorestadores Unidos S/A (United Reforesters S/A) the environmental responsibility means much more than a duty. That’s why the company is driven to reforest, to protect native trees and to keep the environmental legacy to the next generations.

Unidos Presentation Video

With a permanent preservation area of 2.700 hectares, the environmental responsibility
from Reflorestadores Unidos S/A is a long-term commitment with the next generations.

All the management and manufacturing processes from Reflorestadores Unidos S/A is
driven for business’ sustainability, managing responsibly environmental aspects.


Assure wooden solutions that come from renewable forests, bringing different products and services, pleasing clients, employees, community and stockholders, always aligned with the environment.


• People: encourage the creativity and the team work, focusing on the client;

• Sustainability: conscious relationship with the environment and building the future in an innovative and responsible way;

• Credibility: an asset to be kept and strengthened;

• Profitability: necessary to be committed to the mission.

Future view

To be the best company in wooden solutions in Brazil.