Reflorestadores Unidos S.A. – A 50 years history


Reflorestadores Unidos S.A. has completed in 2018 50 years of history. It is a path marked with many challenges and conquers, which strengthen our unification feeling.

To celebrate this important landmark there will be a diversified celebration schedule by the end of April, with concerts and integration activities with all the community.

The program will be posted soon.

Inside the history

Founded in 1968, “UNIDOS”, as it is affectionately known, was the pioneer introducing the Taeda Pine species in Rio Grande do Sul region called Campos de Cima da Serra. The crops are distributed between Cambará do Sul and São Francisco de Paula cities, in over 10.000 hectares.

Besides supplying forestry products directly to the consuming market, greater part of the crop is designated to the manufacturing of this wood, in accordance to the most modern production techniques, being the logs saw and dry in kilns totally automated for a posterior beneficiation.

Our manufacturing plant is based in Cambará do Sul, being its production exported for many countries such as USA, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and others, besides the internal market.

Simplicity, good sense, respect and people valorization are part of all company’s actions since these are on the company’s root. This distinguishes the company and makes it be respected and recognized by the community and the markets where it operates.

The company’s actions are grounded also on the balanced and harmonious relation between men and environment, being respectful and following the legislation that regulates the forestry crop activity and all the other manufacturing processes.

Keeping the natural resources, such as the native woods and the fauna that live on these ambient, as well as the hydric sources, means more than a duty, but part of the future view from Reflorestadores Unidos S.A. itself, maintaining a permanent environmental responsibility and unconditional commitment with the next generations.