Semana do Meio Ambiente


On the first week of June 2016, Reflorestadores Unidos S.A. together with Prudente de Moraes School has performed the 3rd edition of the Environmental Week, with the participation from Emater and Chico Mendes Institute of Biodiversity Conservation (Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade – ICMBIO). Lazzarotto Ensino e Traduções – Gabriela Lazzarotto 007221250003 / (54) 99954-0667

To start off the Environmental Week on June 7th, the school students have created clothes with recyclable residues, presented in a fashion parade to the company’s employees. After that an Emater technician had spoken a lecture about organic residues compost, which is a good practice that could reduce the amount of garbage to be collected at community homes, reducing the collecting costs.

On June 8th ICMBIO represented by Environmental Analyst Edenice from São Francisco de Paula National Forest, has delivered a lecture for the forestry sector about “Permanent preservation areas, solid residues, importance of flora’s preservation to maintaining the fauna and avoid predatory hunt”.

The company had made possible a visit for the school students to the São Francisco de Paula National Forest on June 9th, where they could venture out in ecological tracks and watch araucarias older than 500 years, enjoying beautiful natural landscapes.