Environmental Policy

Reflorestadores Unidos S/A seeks sustainability in its business through the manufacturing activities and plantation management, acting on the responsible management of the environmental aspects. Through its Environmental Policy the company reassures its commitment of being environmentally responsible and looks for being the reference on its market, with total respect to the conservation of the native forests and ecosystems.


The Environmental Policy goal from Reflorestadores Unidos S/A is to orientate the treatment of the environmental issues in the company in agreement with sustainability principles.


• Use necessary natural resources, raw material and inputs on the manufacturing processes in a rational and sustainable way.
• Suitably manage the forests to mitigate all the environmental impacts.
• Implement training programs to lead the adoption of safe, healthy and respectful behaviors towards the environment.
• Prevent the pollution and environmental risks from the company’s activities, acting in a preventive way concerning the environmental impacts through innovative and technical
• Manage the residues in order to attend the concepts of reduction, recycling and reuse.
• Incorporate practices and processes that aim the health and occupational safety from employees on their activities.

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